Portable HeatCore

Portable HeatCore


Keep Warm This Winter With The New Innovative Heater Which Is Selling Like Crazy

There is nothing better than coming into a warm, cozy room after standing outside in the cold. But by no means everyone can afford the luxury of central heating. Even if you’re the only person in the home, you can only enjoy the warmth while the entire home is heated, which can take several hours.
Fortunately, the Portable HeatCore heats your room within seconds of you turning it on. Even in the coldest corners of your home, where it seems almost impossible to provide heat, it works instantly.

The Easy Way to Keep Yourself Warm

You’ll be as snug as a bug in a rug! The Portable HeatCore directs all of its heating energy directly at you, instead of slowly trying to heat every dark corner of your home! You can feel the soothing heat within seconds, directed exactly where you need it most!
Get instant heat, and do it all safely, too! Warm your feet below your desk, put it on your desk while you work, snuggle up next to it with a favorite book, or watch your favorite streaming service. Whatever you use it for, the Portable HeatCore will keep you toasty and warm.

Stay WARM, and Stay SAFE!

Comfort is great, but it ain’t worth anything if you have to worry about a heater that barely puts out any heat, burns through energy, or (heaven forbid) can actually be the cause of a potentially deadly house fire. Any heater can create heat; but the Portable HeatCore may be the smarter choice!

Central heating units are fine if you’re trying to heat every corner of your home, have plenty of time to wait to heat up! But the Portable HeatCore goes just where you take it, and doesn’t waste time and energy on rooms you never even spend any time in!Start using the Portable HeatCore and enjoy instant heat the moment you desire it!

All of the heating elements on the Portable HeatCore are internal, and there are no exposed heating elements. The heating plate is located inside the device and has a plastic casing which does not heat up. You can easily pick up the heater and move it around without worrying about burning your fingers. It’s the perfect heater to use when you’re concerned about the safety of your kids or pets!

Sure, there’s no way to roast marshmallows. But beyond that, the Portable HeatCore is a bit like having access to your own personal fireplace. You can heat up your personal space without worrying about making it too hot (or not hot enough!) for anybody else. Get yourself warm and toasty, cuddle up with a book, watch TV, or even take a nap! Whatever you do, you’ll thrill at the sensation of warmth and comfort.

The Science Behind Portable HeatCore

The Portable HeatCore is a convection ceramic heater that blows hot air directly where you need it most. Ceramic heaters are faster, safer, and more energy-efficient than other forms of heaters. And the Portable HeatCore can be used on any flat surface, wherever you need to add a little heat!

Portable HeatCore is Safer Than Other Heaters

The Portable HeatCore has no exposed heating elements. The ceramic heating plate is located inside the device and has a plastic casing which does not heat up. You can unplug the heater at any time, pick it up, and move it wherever you like. And you don’t have to worry about burning your fingers!
The Portable HeatCore also features a tip-over safety switch to guarantee the safety of your home and family. If the unit gets tipped over, it will shut off automatically, preventing the chance of starting a fire. Just place the heater on a level surface and press the anti-tip switch to turn the power back on!

Portable HeatCore is Small, Compact, and Can Be Plugged in Anywhere

Unlike your in-home heating, you can bring your Portable HeatCore pretty much anywhere. You can carry it with one hand, it weighs practically nothing, but still pumps out all the toasty heat you need for the perfect comfort in any room in your home.

Smarter choice

Why heat the whole house? You only heat where you need it, not the entire house!

How to use Portable HeatCore


Make sure unit is plugged in and tip-over switch is not engaged.


Turn on the power switch located safely at the back of the unit.


Turn the Portable HeatCore in the desired direction to direct a stream of hot air.

Where Can You Get Portable HeatCore

Just place an order from the OFFICIAL WEBSITE .

Here's What People Had to Say About Portable HeatCore

Thomas K. – Seattle, WA 
Our home gets really cold, especially in the basement. Most pro-level heaters run too hot or are unsafe to use around children and pets. The Portable HeatCore features a tip over shut off that make it very safe to use. And it really kicks out a lot of heat for a unit so small! It’s perfect for a home like ours.
Sara K.. – Vancouver, BC 
I’ve tried all kinds of heaters in the past and this one from Portable HeatCore is the best I’ve ever used. It’s lightweight and compact, so it’s perfect for carrying around to your desk or countertop. I use it at work and I also have one for my room at home. It’s a great value and works better than others. Highly recommended!
Daniel W. – Milwaukee, WI
I bought one of these for my home office because it gets pretty cold and we don’t have central heating. It worked so well we ended up buying a few more for the other rooms in the house! There’s so much junk out there for sale nowadays that it’s really a pleasure when you buy something that just works so well.
With the Portable HeatCore , you can heat up the area of your room you are using within minutes. Instead of waiting over an hour for the entire house to heat up, why not get instant heat when you need it most?