Top 5 Best SAD Light Therapy Lamps for Seasonal Depression

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Nothing boosts your mood in the dreary, uninspiring seasons like a good SAD Light.  Darker months like winter tend to be emotionally overwhelming. Many people, including me, see light therapy as a sure-fire way to alleviate the seasonal blues.

Light therapy can be best applied and effectively so with SAD lights or SAD lamps. SAD means Seasonal Affective Disorder, and these lamps are very bright lights used to imitate the warm morning sunlight that is usually amiss during the winter months. They work by prompting your brain to produce more serotonin – the happy hormone responsible for regulating happiness and positive emotions. 

On the other hand, they also decrease your body’s production of melatonin – your sleep hormone. However dark it may be in those days, this therapy is the all-around pick-me-up that everyone needs. That is precisely why we went ahead to buy several SAD Lights for thorough testing so we can recommend which ones are worth your coin in 2021.

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Why Moodozi Light Therapy Lamp is My #1 Pick

Despite having experienced it all my life, winter still exudes that unshakable feeling of depression and general lack of motivation. If you find yourself having a serious case of the winter blues, it’s okay, I get it. While your job is to focus on getting everything possible to lift you out of that state, my job is to identify what that is exactly. 

After testing out a dozen light therapy lamps, I have decided that the Moodozi Light Therapy Lamp is the best option. For a long while, I struggled with SAD for a number of reasons. When it wasn’t the chilly, uninspiring atmosphere, it was the dull, lethargic feeling of a never-ending night. I first heard about light therapy while researching how to get rid of the moodiness that I was experiencing. 

The lamp basically mimics relaxing versions of sunlight —  sunlight in a box, if you will. With just one button, I instantly enjoy the bright, warm shine of the sunlight there and then in my room, no matter what time of the day or year it is.

Apart from the excellent LED Light Therapy that the lamp offers, it also does so with 100% UV-free LEDs that avoid any chances of cancer or pollution. This makes it safer and more productive than many other options out there. You can have this lamp to thank for a much improved circadian rhythm, better mental strength, and boost your energy levels.


For someone who spends a better part of the day working, sleep is one thing I battle with all too often. If you are just like me, working late-night shifts or anything similar, the lamp will be a godsend. You can be sure to get a full night or day of sleep when you need to and stay awake and productive when you should be.


The Moodozi Light Therapy Lamp’s color temperatures can be adjusted to better suit your desired effect. The lamp’s brightness regulation is a feature I could not afford to miss out on to uplift my mood and boost my energy levels.


When I have the happy hormones pumping, I feel wide awake, alert, and ready to take on whatever challenges the day has to offer. Increased levels of serotonin help you feel more emotionally stable and focused — no more crying at my desk at 2 in the morning. 


All I have to do is plug in my lamp and position it where I need it. And just like that, I have the sun in your room. There aren’t any complicated buttons or steps to follow, and the user interface is as easy as it needs to be — you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to get the effects.


I was curious about the battery life with everything this lamp could do — I wasn’t disappointed. It lasted longer than regular fluorescent lights.  You are sure to be safe from any Ultraviolet radiation while getting the uplifting effect you need.


Within 2-5 days, you can be sure to get your Moodozi Light Therapy Lamp at your doorstep if you are within the USA. Should you — for some reason —  not like your lamp, returning it with a full refund is no hassle at all. In conclusion, this lamp is pretty miraculous. 

Winter is much less harsh on my mental health, and I don’t have to give up basic happiness for several months in a year. You can have that too!

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"The best in market"

3,904 Reviews

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