Top 5 Best Headphones for Sleep in 2021

Updated: Oct 8th, 2021

I can’t sleep in noisy environments, can you?

If you can’t, then you understand that ambient noises, a snoring partner, neighbors, or nearby traffic can keep us up for hours. Sometimes, the noise is on the inside. Getting a good eight hours of shut-eye gets even harder when I’m worried, stressed, or exhausted. Counting sheep doesn’t help, but luckily, I found a great solution – headphones for sleep!

If you have trouble with getting a good night’s sleep for whatever reason, then you’re going to love these special headphones. From noise cancellation to relieving anxiety, these headphones are indeed a game-changer. I tested out 10 of the most recommended headphones for sleep on the market, and I found the best one. But first, here is a quick rundown of the best headphones I tested in 2021.

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CozyPhones Sleep Headphones




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Beyerdynamic Soul Byrd




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MAXROCK Sleep Earplugs



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Moonbow Bedphones



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Save Up to $79 + Free USA/CA Shipping



"The best on the market"

6,835 Reviews

Why HoomBand Wireless is My #1 Pick


Using headphones for sleep might seem counterintuitive at first. After all, if you’re trying to get some shut-eye, the last thing you need is music blasting into your head, right? Wrong. Oh, so very wrong. Sleep headphones are specifically designed to block out ambient noise and play your favorite relaxing sounds. They revolutionize what it means to get a good night’s rest and make sure that your mind is as peaceful as it needs to be. That being said, all my research showed that the perfect sleep headphones were what I needed to stop waking up even more tired than when I went to bed.

I tested a lot of headphones, and while many of them were impressive, nothing caught my ear quite like the HoomBand wireless headband. This headband was sleek, thin, comfortable, and most enticingly, it came with an app! The HoomBand headphones were made for sleep and made for me. With two ultrathin speakers placed right under the foam, you can hear them but not even see them. Besides the incredible design, the headband’s app offers over 100 hours’ worth of audio content to make sleeping a thrilling experience. For the first time in what I would call forever, I woke up feeling fresh, relaxed, and ready for my day!

A Beautiful, Simple, and Intuitive Design

At first glance, the HoomBand Wireless promises comfort. With its super thin earphones that have been wrapped inside the soft and lightweight fabric, it was easy to forget I was wearing the headband at all! You can finally bid bulky headphones and intrusive wires a long-awaited goodbye. The speakers in the headband have been so expertly fitted such that you can hear clearly but not feel them poking or jabbing at your ears.

Well-Thought-Out Fabric Choice

The headband is made of a soft, thin, and breathable material that helps regulate temperature, so you don’t overheat while snoozing. This comfy fabric also includes a removable 3D thermoformed foam to make wearing more comfortable. The fabric is soft, flexible, and sturdy enough to ensure durability. Sometimes, I just wear it around the house instead of my regular headphones, especially in the morning!

Excellent Sound Quality

In some of the headphones I tested, it was obvious that the speakers could be better. Some also had wires to connect to a phone, but I soon found myself waking up tangled in a web of cables. The speakers in HoomBand wireless headphones are phenomenal, to say the least. Thanks to the Bluetooth 5.0 module, the headband can transmit any audio content without a cable that would only just get in your way. They weren’t built to be extra loud, just the right volume for sleep and great sound quality. 

Hypnotic Stories and Meditation Assistance

HoomBand sealed its place with me when I discovered the varieties of sounds it offers. Hypnotic stories and meditation sounds help you reach deep levels of relaxation that get you relaxed for sleep. Additionally, you can really get the best of this feature during active meditation or yoga. To be honest, I nodded off while listening to them in bed. But don’t judge me. Try them yourself and see how long you can stay awake.

A Wide Gallery of Soundscape, ASMR Sounds, And White Noise

From the works of famous artists and immersive sounds from various aspects of the universe to ambient sounds and white noise, the HoomBand world is wonderful. I mostly used the white noise sounds when I was working on my computer before bed. At that time, I didn’t like to burden my mind with heavy music to sleep faster. If ASMR or soundscapes are your thing, then you’ll get a premium experience with these headphones.

Offline Listening Mode

Another really exciting feature is the Offline listening mode. You can listen to your favorite sounds in airplane mode and finally bid Wi-Fi rays goodbye! Some of the headphones I tested had limited use without an internet connection, but HoomBand still allowed me to get the full experience. 

Limitless Connections

The HoomBand works just like your regular headphones. It can be used with all your listening apps, including Spotify, Headspace, Calm, and YouTube. This makes it perfect for more than just sleeping – meditation, yoga, travel and exercise all worked when I tested them.

Regular Content Updates on The App

The only thing that can top an app that has tons of options to choose from is an app that is constantly evolving and updating its library. The HoomBand app has new content regularly added for free! 

Great Price

At only $79.90, the HoomBand Wireless headphone is a total steal! If you want to buy more than one for you and a friend, there are more deals like the 2 HoomBand package for $118.50 and the 3 HoomBand package for $158.00. I don’t doubt that the HoomBand sleep headband is the answer you’ve been looking for.

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