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Sometimes finding answers on the internet literally took exhaustive hours and hours of scouring. Sometimes we never found an answer.

The best we could do for others was to create a website that featured those answers with accurate and trustworthy information about the tech lifestyle.

"Your article listing quality brands should be mandatory reading for anyone looking to buy a headphone. The article describing the market share of the key players and how the different brands are related is also very eye opening. If I had had just these two articles I could have probably saved 3 months of research."

"This article (and really entire website) has been a godsend for me. I was so confused on all of these, but was able to make some great decisions based on this information that will help my family when we go full-time next month! Thank you."

We try our 100% effort to do a transparent and honest reviews of products so that you can make an informed decision regrading your purchase.

We will not send you any marketing emails or pass your information on to third parties unless you give your consent or you have given it already.

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How we Keep It Going

While we love creating the best tech content to help you learn about this great lifestyle, it takes up a huge amount of time for us. It is our full-time job and beyond that.

In order to keep generating the kind of content that will help you now and in the future, we have setup a few ways to be compensated.

Finding trustworthy product information is hard. The Custom Weekend team make it easy by providing accurate, easy to understand articles and product reviews to help the tech newbie become a successful buyer.